Constrained by the Limitations of Soviet-Era Architecture, Brodsky & Utkin Imagined Fantastical Structures on Paper | Colossal

Giorgio Grassi · Restauro e riabilitazione del castello di Abbiategrasso come sede municipale · Divisare

“Plants” and “Game Zone”, by Atelier Olschinsky – SOCKS

The problem with ‘Young Architecture’ | Thinkpiece | Architectural Review

Emerging practices led by millennials risk commodification at the hands of a culture unwilling to reward the very youth it fetishises.

Source: The problem with ‘Young Architecture’ | Thinkpiece | Architectural Review

The Mechanical-Architectural World of Stijn Jonckheere – SOCKS

“Don’t you think there is enough anxiety at present?” The 1982 Debate Between Christopher Alexander and Peter Eisenman – SOCKS

Brutalism in Ruins: Exploring Casa Sperimentale, Italy’s Lost Architectural Relic – Architizer

ryuji nakamura

Source: ryuji nakamura

paper architecture exhibition in paris

reproduced and re-imagined urban structures are assembled, drawn, cut, folded and glued together to showcase the range and depth of paper.

Source: paper architecture exhibition in paris

Minoru Nomata – Alternative Sights | Graphicine

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