“The Set and the Script” in Architecture: The Manhattan Transcripts (1976-1981) by Bernard Tschumi – SOCKS

Whale Illustration Series Showcases Artist’s Surreal Approach to Whale Art

Specializing in whale illustration, artist Marissa Quinn creates surreal whale art. Each exquisite ink drawing combines the animals with surreal scenes.

Source: Whale Illustration Series Showcases Artist’s Surreal Approach to Whale Art

“Plants” and “Game Zone”, by Atelier Olschinsky – SOCKS

Minoru Nomata – Alternative Sights | Graphicine

Venezuelan artist Rafael Araujo

Hand made Artworks, Calculus and Landscapes

Source: Venezuelan artist Rafael Araujo

The Temporary Inhabitant (L’Habitant Temporaire) by Thomas Batzenschlager – SOCKS

5 Art Lessons from Bauhaus Master Paul Klee

One of the most celebrated artists of the 20th century, Paul Klee was also a prolific teacher, serving as a faculty member of the Bauhaus school between 1921 and 1931. Promoting a theoretical approach to artmaking, the painter taught a variety of courses across disciplines, from bookbinding to basic design, and left behind over 3,900 pages in lecture notes. These documents, partly compiled in Klee’s Pedagogical Sketchbook (1925), reveal the artist’s innovative and unusual lesson plans, which often provided students with a step-by-step approach to artistic expression. We’ve pulled some of his key lessons about art and design. Let’s start with the basics.

Source: 5 Art Lessons from Bauhaus Master Paul Klee

rose wong

Source: rose wong

Hasan Kale Micro Art

Landscapes by Jonathan Zawada – SOCKS

Jonathan Zawada is a painter and illustrator. Oil on canvas from the series: “Free Roam above the mist”. Via: But does it Float?

Source: Landscapes by Jonathan Zawada – SOCKS

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