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It’s Nice That | Roam through colour with the Interactive installation by Carlos Cruz Diez

We all love a bit of colour in our lives, right? It’s the spice that can turn the drabbest of life experience into a wealth of vivid wonder, taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary. Carlos Cruz-Diez has been exploring the kinetic movement of colour in his celebrated works, creating interactive manufactured chambers that lures visitors to rethink their perceptions of colour in their everyday lives.

Source: It’s Nice That | Roam through colour with the Interactive installation by Carlos Cruz Diez

paper architecture exhibition in paris

reproduced and re-imagined urban structures are assembled, drawn, cut, folded and glued together to showcase the range and depth of paper.

Source: paper architecture exhibition in paris

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The Limits of Rationality: Impossibly Thin Table by Junya Ishigami (2006) – SOCKS

Exposición – Carl Andre – Andre, Carl

Carl Andre (Quincy, USA, 1935) is one of the key figures of Minimal Art, developed at the beginning of the Sixties in the USA. The artist has fashioned his own highly recognisable style, taking the literal nature of the materials to the extreme in the development of his sculptures as his work pays heed to the fundamental principles of the movement.

Source: Exposición – Carl Andre – Andre, Carl



Hokkaido Garden Show 2015 – Xylophone of forest

Hokkaido Garden Show, a meeting place in the beautiful garden of three brought up in different environment of the Hokkaido. Expeience the particular “hospitality” that connected to Nature, Beautiful flower, Tasty food with.

Source: Hokkaido Garden Show 2015 – Xylophone of forest



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