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House of Water offers a thousand ways to get wet, and a thousand tales of water in the city. House of Water is a place to meet, a place to explore, and a place to create new knowledge. The house creates an inviting landscape, where the unique Danish understanding of technology is demonstrated to visitors encountering water in various forms. Port of Copenhagen is world renowned for its clean water, so the house’s curved surface provides generous access to the sea. The main freshwater reservoir collects rainwater, which is heated by waste heat, allowing the House of Water to support a year round bathing season. The house’s surface is covered with active limestone that cleans rainwater naturally. Thereby, the house is participating in making Copenhagen a more natural, healthy, and sustainable city.

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Hasan Kale Micro Art

Fish in Shell

Source: Hasan Kale Micro Art

Projections photographiques nocturnes – La boite verte

Jim Sanborn utilise un projecteur puissant pour dessiner des formes géométriques sur des paysages qu’il photographie de nuit. ( Via )

Source: Projections photographiques nocturnes – La boite verte

What Makes a New York City Kid? – The New York Times

Ten sketches of New Yorkers age 13 or so, including a pageant winner, an aspiring Broadway performer and a ballplayer aiming for the majors, suggest answers.

Source: What Makes a New York City Kid? – The New York Times

Landscapes by Jonathan Zawada – SOCKS

Jonathan Zawada is a painter and illustrator. Oil on canvas from the series: “Free Roam above the mist”. Via: But does it Float?

Source: Landscapes by Jonathan Zawada – SOCKS

Apollo Missions 15-17’s Lunar Topographic Orthophotomaps (1973) – SOCKS

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